From 1946 so far, with unchanged enthusiasm

In 1946, the then named Tintoria Lambro was founded in Briosco by Zola Genazzini and Carlo Sala: in the following year, the latter took over the company, which in 1949 moved to Lurago d’Erba under the name of Tintoria Carlo Sala. This is how our history began: a story of passion, expertise and hard work that has led Tintoria Sala over the decades with its head held high, enthusiastically taking up the challenges of a changing market, pushing towards innovation, looking ahead through euphoric times and yes, also through the crisis and decrease of market demand.

In 1953, the manufacture moved from Lurago d’Erba to nearby Merone, to the premises where Tintoria Sala is today. Three years passed and , the internal laboratory came to life and today is still the gem of the company,, a real breeding ground for ideas and innovation.

The size of the company has increased over the years, the machinery fleet grew , the first automatic equipment appeared: a series of innovations kept Tintoria Sala up to date, adopting cutting edge solutions - a growth that meant turning into a joint-stock company in 1976, while in the following years the commercialization, and now the manufacture, of yarns started.

Today Tintoria Sala is a sound company, a leader, in particular, in the dyeing of yarns for use in interior décor, besides its important growth in the fashion industry: it can produce technologically advanced yarns that are ready to take up the challenges of the future.

In 2014, taking over a famous spinning will in the Biella area, T.S. introduced the production and marketing of a particular kind of yarn, both raw and dyed, applying our patented technology wich creates our exclusive two-coloured yarn produced with a single dyeing process.


From Carlo Sala to Franco and Luisella Sala

The history of Tintoria Sala has its roots in the Sala family history : established by Carlo Sala, supported through the years by the patience and wisdom of his wife Giovanna, the company is today managed by their children Franco and Luisella.

Franco was the first to join the company, in 1971. Seventeen years later, in 1988, his sister Luisella followed in his footsteps. The heritage of knowledge and expertise has been handed down within the family.


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