Full support

Tintoria Sala works by the side of its clients, providing customized service that goes from research in partnership, to the best dyeing solutions for any kind of yarn, free storage of yarn in its warehouse, computerized management of orders and support through all phases of processing and use of the dyed yarns. Qualified and continuous service that make Tintoria Sala not just an ordinary supplier, but an actual partner to rely on.


Guidance on all yarns

Thanks to its long experience in yarn dyeing, Tintoria Sala is a valuable consultant for its clients, both for original solutions on classic yarns and for the development of new products to market.


A warehouse always at your service

Tintoria Sala offers its clients free yarn storage service in its own warehouses, so that the material is ready to be collected and processed as soon as needed, thus speeding up the process by avoiding logistic issues.


Full trackability

Thanks to a private area of the website, every client, within a click at any time, can check the progress of their order and always be up to date with real-time information, in just a click.


Qualified support

Whatever the problem or the need of a client with regards to yarn dyeing, Tintoria Sala offers ongoing assistance and support at any phase, also acting as an intermediary with specialized laboratories in the case of complex tests.


Up to date with the ever-changing market

A market which keeps evolving requires the manufacturing of new fabrics with high-performance features that can stand the test time without losing their characteristics. For this reason, all yarns need to be tested for technical features and fastness of the dye. Thanks to its internal laboratory, Tintoria Sala stands by its clients to create ad hoc sampling and to carry out prototyping and specific testing in order to confirm the accuracy of the choices that have been made.